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Succeeding as an author is an increasingly challenging task, especially when someone is new in the field or doesn’t have the financials to publish their work. Most new black female authors can relate to these challenges. Becoming a published author can be one thing and promoting the work can be an even bigger challenge. However, blackfemaleauthors.net is bringing big changes in this arena by providing the perfect promotional platform for new and well-established authors to reach out to their readers.

What Does the Website Offer?

Blackfemaleauthors.net allows female black authors from all backgrounds and with all financial abilities to list their books. This website has been in existence since June 2018 and is a spin off of positivblacksisters.com. It is also part of a large, BBB Accredited company that includes several other website brands. The company spokesperson shed light on what it offers for the targeted authors, “Our affiliate websites are already a ranked high onm the major search engines, so when you list on our pages you are getting direct access to high SERPs for our targeted keywords which are focused specifically on black female authors.”

This website offers several listing packages, for all authors with all budgets, you can get started for FREE. However, our basic listing package allows you to keep your work active on our website for as little as $10.40 a month. There are multiple plans and each one offers specific perks in the form of exposure levels. In fact, we even allow free listing for limited period to provide opportunity to all our sisters. Our goal is to help you sell more of your books.”


Social media websites have emerged as far-reaching, powerful platforms for promoting almost everything. It is just the ideal place for promoting a book or novel. This website includes social media posting as a dedicated solution to promote author works. Some of the other promotional features include press release, featured author’s page, listing in the company’s network sites, social exchange page, listing on ‘books for sale’ page, and more. The lists of features an author can avail depend on the packages they choose.

Our website has our own aggressive SEO and directory-marketing campaigns that are always going on. This makes it even more important for black female authors to maintain their listings to drive traffic and sales. It accepts books from all niches. Whether you are specialized black female authors romance, comedy, sci-fi, or in any other genre, we do not cover pornographic or gambling categories.

For more information about blackfemaleauthors.net, it is recommended to contact the company representative.

Our Mission

Our basic mission is to promote Black Female Authors through this website at http://blackfemaleauthors.net. Of course there are many other outlets for the purchase of books including your own website or blog. However, there are very few outlets that focus exclusively on a particular niche, and that niche is YOU, the black female author.

Since the launch of this website, first through positive black sisters and now on it's own, we've added over 200 books from a variety of authors. Some famous, some up and coming and some just getting started. We have no listing priority, however we do feature authors on their on individual pages.

Giving Exposure to the Bright Minds

The black community has some of the brightest minds in the world of literature. Whether you excel among Black female authors romance, fiction, tragedy, romanticism, or any other genre, you can find exposure on

BlackFemaleAuthors.net without any limitations allows you to enter a world that is full of support, information, and inspiration, the lack of which is amongst the main reasons why most black women are never able to turn their great ideas into reality.

This website is your key to succeeding, not just as Black female authors, but also as an entrepreneur and in your general life. You will find helpful information on topics like health issues, colleges for blacks, credit scores, finances, and much more. It is designed to enrich and enhance the lives and careers of black female entrepreneurs.

When you search any of the major search engines for books by female authors of color, the two main online retailers come up, Amazon, Barnes & Noble. No one can compete head to head with these giants and we won;t try. However, what we will do is, focus on a special niche of authors; black female authors, black female authors best sellers, black female authors fiction, books by black female authors, black female writers, books by black female authors, famous black female authors.

We accomplish this mission using the following marketing and listing services through our webmaster:

  • We research keywords that the major search engines, directories and other places where books are sold to add this website to attract visitors seeking books for sale by Black Female Authors. Some of the popular search engines and directories are listed on this page.

  • We create SEO optimized press releases and articles to be distributed to the major directories. Samples of our press release and articles are listed on this page.



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